June 2020
Outdoor Learning is Essential: Advocating for Change in Public Schools.

Webinar from June 3 and Resources
Zoom Follow up with Panelists from June 10 and Resources

Panelists Amy Butler, Peter Dargatz, and Anna Dutke explore the ways in which nature-based philosophies have been successfully integrated into a variety of public school programs across the country. Learn how you can mobilize to lobby your local school systems to adopt safe and healthful nature-based approaches in response to COVID-19.

An outdoor-centric approach provides easier social distancing, boosts the immune system, promotes academic growth through hands on learning, and reduces stress fostered by today’s climate.  Learn more about the movement of nature-based education in public schools and how you can be an advocate for your school.

Our follow-up webinar featured our panelists in addition to special guest Cathy Jordan, answering questions from participants.

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