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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a member? Membership is as easy as filling out the following form to become an active member.

What are the benefits of membership? Members have access to professional development opportunities through NINPA meetings, webinars, conferences and symposiums.  Members also belong to a community that supports and encourages fellow educators through dialogue, collaboration and the sharing of resources and ideas

Can anyone join? Yes!  NINPA welcomes everyone whose goal is to promote, support, and enhance nature-based early childhood education for all is welcome in our membership!  We ask that members strive to follow the NINPA pledge

What is the cost of being a member? Membership in this organization is free!  We welcome members who want to give back to this community to do so by sharing their expertise, hosting member meetings, or running for the Board of Directors.

I’m a parent looking for a Nature Preschool or other nature-based program – The Natural Start Alliance has a great resource for finding nature-based early childhood programs – check here!

I’m a nature-based educator looking for a job or volunteer opportunity/I’m part of a nature-based organization looking for employees or volunteers – Chicagoland Environmental Network has a great resource for volunteer/job postings – check here!

I’d love to learn more about the research behind nature-based early childhood education – Children & Nature Network has an amazing array of resources and research.

For further questions or other inquiries, please fill out the form below or email us at